Master Clans Conference Chapter (III)
Release Date March 10, 2016
ISBN ISBN-13 978-4048658096
On Cover Shiba Tatsuya, Ichijou Masaki and Juumonji Katsuto
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Master Clans Conference Chapter (II)
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Master Clans Conference Chapter (III) is the 19th volume in the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Light Novel series.


At the end of Volume 18, Minami, Miyuki, and Izumi are being attacked by Humanist. After they realize Minami cast the shield magic, two of humanist took out Antinite and used on Miyuki, Izumi, and Minami. The volume ended when Humanist fists were about to land on Minami.

Together with Katsuto, Mayumi, Masaki and Tatsuya they were going to search for Gu Jie's whereabouts. Tatsuya nearly catches Gu Jie, but it gets interrupted by USNA. The competition for catching Gu Jie makes Tatsuya to rage in unexpected ways. Major Benjamin Canopus, No.2 of Stars, takes part in the war.

Saegusa Mayumi and Juumonji Katsuto went to search, while Ichijou Masaki is fighting.

Various people waver, the worst case that shouldn't happen will happen because of Gu Jie who has "magic that manipulates dead bodies".

Summary/Retelling of Chapters 10-15

Chapter 11

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Chapter 12

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Chapter 13

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Chapter 14

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Chapter 15

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Ichijou Masaki School Change Diary

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