Master Clans Conference Chapter (II)
Release Date November 10, 2015
ISBN ISBN-13 978-4048655125
On Cover Ichijou Masaki, Shiba Miyuki
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Master Clans Conference Chapter (II) is the 18th volume in the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Light Novel series.


Black Sage was behind the explosion at the end of Volume 17. The public starts to blame magicians for the bombing attack. (Heigu apparently used a corpse instead of a living person to infiltrate their meeting location). This ignites the return of the Anti-Magician propaganda. The Ten Master Clans decide that they need to get to the bottom of this. Tatsuya, Juumonji, Masaki and Mayumi team up to hunt down the Black Sage. Soon, Tatsuya and the others go ahead towards an unpredictable course/direction/way. When Tatsuya is near to grasping the clue leading to Heigu's whereabouts he is blocked by an unexpected opponent.

Gouki says to Masaki: The Yotsuba Clan's Shiba Tatsuya-dono is equal to you, he'll join to the search under Juumonji-dono's leadership. Masaki, show your will-power. Pushed by Gouki, Masaki tries something unexpected, he tries to get close to Miyuki while Mayumi is also being pushed to the forefront by various schemes not of her own. The battle begins before Valentine's Day. Meanwhile the emotional battle continues. 

Get Ready!!!

"Humanism" and Domestic Affairs

It is universally recognized that "Humans should live by the power bestowed upon humans" so claims the anti-magic touting religious sub-cult of Christians (Heretics). Or, rather, it was a cover story used to boycott Magicians. Introducing one part of this creed is their claim that, "Miracles are only permitted for gods, everything that twists the creation of God's providence is the act of the devil. Humans must only live by the power bestowed upon them".

February 2097 A.D. A large scale terror act happened during the Master Clans Conference in Hakone, Japan. Humanist advocates claimed that the cause of this terror act was because of strife between Magicians, and that the Magicians let civilians die without helping them. This intensified the anti-Magician sentiment. Following this, The Heads of the Ten Master Clans are racking their brains about countermeasures for this situation.

Hacking system "Hliðskjálf"

The USNA Army uses a hidden system "ECHELON III" that can intercept information worldwide. The seven operators who have access to this system are called the "Seven Sages", and can steal any information they wish from around the world.

Hliðskjálf's terminal is controlled by brainwaves and gestures using a virtual reality headset and a camera that tracks the movements of the operator's fingertips. This is reflected inside the virtual world that the user sees. The operator can enter their search criteria by writing characters of light in the air using their imagination, and can choose to send commands to grasp information using their brainwaves, this is the world's greatest interception system.

However, from the beginning, within the operators of Hliðskjálf who use the title of the "Seven Sages", there is only one person. That is Raymond S. Clark, who possesses a direct link to the administrator of Hliðskjálf.

"Who is Gu Jie"

Jiedo Heigu or Gu Jie is affiliated with the great Magicians of the Kunlunfang Institute. At the Kunlunfang, Gu Jie developed eternal youth magic. The reason why he targeted the Japanese Magic Community and the Yotsuba is unclear (Even he probably can't even remember what kind of mental gymnastics he used to come to this conclusion).

Gu Jie is 97 years old. However, from his appearance, you would think he was only 50 years old. Zhou Gongjin is his disciple. Although, Gu Jie's individual fighting strength is low. He is a user of Ancient Magic from the Continent, however, he does not specialize in direct confrontations with his enemies. His specialty technique is like "Sorcery Booster," which is turning human's parts into magic accessories, a technique that changes humans into a Generator. He manipulates corpses for this time's act of terror with his techniques.

Additionally, as a member of the "Seven Sages", he ruled the underground and he supported various underground organizations like The internal anti-Magic Association, "Blanche", and the International Crime Syndicate "No Head Dragon". However, they have already been destroyed. And now, the time he has left to live is also coming to a close.

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