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Marte-V11 Illustration

Character Name
Full Name Marte
Furigana マルテ
Personal Info
Age Deceased
Gender Male
Affiliation USNA (Stars)
Occupation Military Veteran
Novel Volume 11, Chapter 9

Marte (マルテ) is a military veteran who failed to become a member of Stars. His pseudonym is "Mars" based off the Planet-Class Magician. Somewhere along the way he got possessed by a Paranormal Parasite.


He and the other possessed individuals had gotten together to meet up with Shiba Tatsuya and talk about their situation and what they've been doing. When this occurred, a several party confrontation erupted to the point where he was eventually killed when Angie Sirius shot a bullet at his chest, and afterwards his body combusted. [1]


  1. Volume 11, Chapter 16

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