Erika and Saijou story, Temptation from Rose
Release Date May 10, 2016
ISBN ISBN-13 978-4048659529
On Cover Chiba Erika and Saijou Leonhart
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Ancient City Insurrection Chapter (I)

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei SS is the 13.5th volume in the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Light Novel series.


During Nine School Competition event on Second Year, Tatsuya is fighting against a humanoid weapon. Meanwhile, on other side, students are fighting and struggling to get the highest score in competitions.

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Everything starts with the death of Bastian Rosen. He died at the age of 96. At the similar time period, Rosen family learned about the existence of Leo who inherited the gene of Burg Folge 1st form (形式). Rosen was commissioned by German military to produce Burg Folge series and Rosen still has a right(ownership) over Genes of Burg Folge series. In Mahouka, Leo is only one who has this gene so Rosen wants Leo.

Ernst has two missions in Japan, that is to get Leo back to Rosen and find/hire Silver. In the end he didn't achieve any of his goal, he failed to learn the identity of Silver and failed to kidnap Leo.

Initially, Ernst tries to win Leo's trust by offering him a high level position in Rosen Magicraft. Better yet, Ernst even asks Leo to marry Erika and join Rosen family. According to Ernst, Rosen has no interest in Erika, but if Leo marries Erika who has a blood of Rosen, Leo can even join Rosen family but Leo rejected the offer.

Ernst sent Linda Wahrheit and Emma Wahrheit to get Leo. Initially, they asked Leo to come with them peacefully and explain what will happen to Leo if he joins them and move to Germany.

According to them, Rosen want Leo as a stud and explain to Leo that Leo will have sex with many beautiful women. They say the first woman will be Erika and their child will be a magician who inherit the blood of Rosen and Burg Folge 1st form. Leo got pissed and battle started. Later, Erika joins the battle, and Leo and Erika won.

After the event, Erika visited and threatened Ernst to stay away. Ernst said he gave up and suddenly he asked Erika to join Rosen family through adoption. Ernst promised Erika he will be her custodian (sponsor). He said Erika is borned with elegance, which is exceptionable even among members of Rosen family but Erika rejected the offer.

Additional info :

Everything starts with Ernst hatred towards Lucas Rosen, Erika's grandfather. Lucas damaged his own family twice before he moved to Japan. First, it was the time when he helped Georg Ostburg to escape to U.S and the second time was when Lucas broke the engagement and moved to Japan. To be more precise, Lucas was the mastermind behind Georg escape. The book did not mention why Lucas arranged for Georg to escape but after the event, Lucas was removed from important tasks such as dealings with the military.

Elders at Rosen were disappointed due to Lucas talent and intelligence, so they decide to use Lucas as either a pawn for political marriage or a business manager but he broke the engagement and moved to Japan. Lucas action damaged Rosen's standing in high society (社交界), German government distrusted Rosen and they thought Rosen helped Lucas. So Rosen could not expand to Japan for a long period of time.

Ernst felt, Lucas died without paying back his debt to his own family, so Ernst thought it is okay to request the help from his descendants (Erika).


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