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Magic Engineering course emblem

Magic Engineering Course Emblem.

The Magic Engineering course (Magitech) was created due to Tatsuya's achievements in the Nine Schools Competition and the lack of engineers in the participation of the Nine Schools Competition. The emblem on their uniform is the eight petal flower surrounded by a gear. Magitech students, similarly to the fellow Course 1 students, have live guidance from teachers.

With the introduction of Magic Engineering course, a fundamental adjustment was made to First High's class structure. The number of new students accepted into Course 1 and 2 remained unchanged at 100 students each. However, the procedure involved changed when the students advanced to Year 2. 

The new Year 2 students have the option to choose between the original Magic Study or Magic Engineering classes. Students who volunteer for the Magic Engineering Department and pass the examination in March will join the newly established Magic Engineering class with an emphasis on magic engineering in the curriculum. Students of both Courses are granted access to this course. Course 2 students are promoted to Course 1 to supplement the deficiency caused by Course 1 students transferring into this department. This is done based on the practical skills ranking among the Course 2 students. Formerly, classes A to D were Course 1 classes, and E to H were Course 2 classes. Now, the Course 1 classes remain the same, but Class E is the Magitech class, and F to H are the Course 2 classes. 

In the name of devising a new experimental class, First High accepted new faculty dispatched from the university. Though they begin with only one class, if the results are positive, the plan is to grant new students who had just enrolled the same option of choosing between the normal Magic Study or Magic Engineering.

Known Students

Students are from both Course 1 and Course 2.

  • Former Course 1 students:
Tomitsuka Hagane
  • Former Course 2 students:
Shiba Tatsuya, Shibata Mizuki, Hirakawa Chiaki


The teacher in charge of their technical skills is Jennifer Smith, a woman born in the USNA and naturalized 18 years prior. She is in her forties.


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