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Magic Casting Techniques are ways that magicians can cast magic in a faster or more efficient way.

The most commonly used way magicians cast magic is with the use of Casting Assistant Device (CAD), but throughout the series we see other ways that magic can be cast and used.

Flash Cast

The Yotsuba Family's secret magic casting technique.

'Delayed sequence suspended prior activation' technique

The Shippou Family's secret magic casting technique that Million Edge is based on. [1]

Unnamed technique

The ability to use the half activated spell as a "stepping stone" to creating one's own magic from the same system. This was used during Tomitsuka and Tatsuya's fight. [2]

Cyclical Breathing

When continuously using the same magic, Cyclical Breathing refers to the space between when one magic ends and the next one begins. The less overlap between the first and second magic, the less stress is placed upon the Magician. Magician who excelled in shortening the dead time between the two were known as "Adept at Cyclical Breathing".

Miyuki is mentioned to be "adept at cyclical breathing", and Tatsuya compares Masaki's talent as rivaling to that of Miyuki. Tatsuya mentions that Masaki's cyclical breathing is more like an innate talent.

To be able to freely wield powerful magics without breathing raggedly, also requires more than a large capacity within the Magic Calculation Area. [3]

Speed Loader

Magic Casting Technique to allow one to perform up to a maximum of 9 different Magic Sequences at the same time then store them to allow a simultaneous instantaneous release of all of them. Speed Loader, using Kouichi's "Octet", allowed him to maintain 8 different Magics from 4 different Systems on stand-by and which magic he needed to deal with a variety of situations instantly. [4]


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