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Lu Ganghu

AN20 027

Lu Gonghu

Character Name
Full Name Lu Ganghu
Kanji 呂 剛虎
Furigana ルゥ・ガンフゥ
Personal Info
Epithet The Man-Eating Tiger
Gender Male
Height 185 cm
Affiliation Great Asian Union
Occupation Combat-Class Magician
Ability Name
Weapons & Equipments
  • White Tiger Armor
  • Tiger Claw
Voiced By Takahiro Fujiwara (Anime)
Novel Volume 6, Chapter 1 (First Appearance)
Volume 6, Chapter 4 (Named)
Anime Episode 19, Yokohama Disturbance I

Lu Ganghu (呂 剛虎), also known as "The Man-Eating Tiger", is one credited with the highest number of kills in melee combat from the Great Asian Union and is an S-ranked individual from the Great Asian Union Special Ops. He was one of the top ten close combat specialists in the world. His rank is that of a Lieutenant.

Due to a similarity in age, a debate regarding which close-combat Magician is stronger between him and Chiba Naotsugu continues to rage, but the majority believed that the more brutal one, Lu Ganghu, is stronger.

Appearance and Personality

A large man with black hair, 185 cm in height and for some reason, illustrated as being purple in skin color. In the volume 7 artwork, Lu was illustrated with normal skin color while wearing his White Tiger Armor. 

Lu appears to hold grudges as he charged towards Mari during their second confrontation without so much as noticing other combatants' movements around them. 


He is named in the fourth chapter of the sixth volume of the Light Novel when he killed Jiro Marshall after the latter got away from Erika and Saijou Leonhart. In volume 6 following the murder, he later made a attempt to assassinate Chiaki in a hospital, only to be beaten by Naotsugu and Mari.

Following the events at the hospital, he was later ordered to kill Sekimoto who was captured and held at Hachiōji Special Detention Center. Although Lu successfully penetrated the security of the detention facility, his mission was disrupted when Mari, Mayumi, and Tatsuya decided to fight him. Faced with Mayumi's ice pellets attacks and Mari's physical combat ability, Lu was surprised that female high school students were able to hold him off. However, he was shocked when his Steel Qigong armor was shattered by Tatsuya's Gram Demolition. Later on, after receiving the final blow from Mari, Lu was subdued by the detention facility's guards.

During transportation to another facility, Zhou organized a breakout for Lu, successfully getting him back to the Great Asian Union's forces. Donning his White Tiger Armor for the Yokohama Disturbance, he joined in the battle and was eventually beaten by Mayumi's far ranged magic.

Lu, along with Chen Xiangshan, were captured during the Yokohama Incident and were imprisoned as wartime criminals who carried out illegal acts of destruction. They were released as prisoners of war when the establishment of a peace treaty between Japan and the Great Asian Union was reached. [1]


Steel Qigong
A magic technique that uses Qigong to apply a layer of magic armor created by Lu Ganghu himself. He often uses it to reinforce his hands to block attacks and as his weapon of choice for attacking. The technique involves covering the desired area of skin to be reinforced with a high density of psions, which is the same as fortifying the Eidos of the skin. Steel Qigong can also be used for Data Fortification.
Coiled Silk Force
Based on traditional Chinese martial arts, it's a magic technique that uses the entire nervous system to create a spiraling force at the point of impact that serves as both offense and defense. This technique is what wounds Naotsugu during their fight at the hospital.
Metal Bridge
This is a sort of acrobat enhancement spell sometimes used by Lu Ganghu, though whether he is exclusive to it is hard to say.  He is the only one who is known to have used it so far.  It allows inhuman defiance of gravity actions akin to an acrobatic performance such as the ability to lean 90 degrees to the ground without falling.  He uses it during the fight with Mari and Naosugu, her boyfriend.


  1. Volume 20, Chapter 2

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