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Linda Wahrheit

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Character Name
Full Name Linda Wahrheit
Furigana リンダ・ヴァールハイ
Personal Info
Epithet Wahrheit Sisters
Gender Male
Family Emma Wahrheit (Sister)
Ability Name
Weapons & Equipments
Equipment/s Phantom Anzug
Novel SS, Temptation of Rose

Linda Wahrheit (リンダ・ヴァールハイ) is an individual from the Fortress Series (Burg Folge). [1] She has a sister, Emma Wahrheit.

Appearance & Personality

Linda has the appearance of someone in their early twenties. [1]

Linda has a little more cautious personality than her sister Emma Wahrheit. [1]

Both Linda and Emma have no "sisterly love" for one another. [1]


The Wahrheit Sisters were born from the same fertilized egg and the same sperm of the same man and women. Both Linda and Emma were born from the same type of artificial womb, a month apart from one another. [1]

Linda shows a significant aptitude for the use of Convergent Systematic Reinforcement Magic as a member of the Burg Folge (Dritte Art) as someone with an augmented body. [1]

Ernst Rosen sent Linda and Emma after Saijou Leonhart to capture him, but they were beaten in combat by Leo himself and Chiba Erika. [1]


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