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Liú Yúndé

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Character Name
Full Name Liù Yùndé
Kanji 劉 雲徳
Furigana りゅう・うんとく
Personal Info
Epithet Heavenly General
Age Deceased
Gender Male
Affiliation Great Asian Union
Occupation Strategic-Class Magician
Ability Name Thunderclap Tower
Novel Volume 7, Chapter 15 (Named)

Liù Yùndé (劉 雲徳) was a Strategic-Class Magician of the Great Asian Union. He was one of the Thirteen Apostles (the group of Strategic-Class Magicians whose identity is disclosed).


Liù perished at the Zhènhai Naval Port along with the entire invasion fleet off the Southern Korean Peninsula during the event of Scorched Halloween by the destructive Strategic-Class Magic Material Burst of Special Lieutenant Ooguro Ryuuya. [1] His death severely weakened the Great Asian Union's military strength. [2]


Thunderclap Tower

It generates a large-scale lightning strike over a wide range.

However instead of using the power of lightning, which is the side effect of the magic activation process, it generates a wide range electromagnetic waves capable of destroying electronic equipment.

The magic lowers the insulation resistance within the range of where the lightning occurs, this process causes insulation deterioration, di-electric breakdown of the electronic equipment, thereby further expanding the damage caused by electromagnetic waves.


  1. Volume 7, Chapter 13
  2. Volume 8, Chapter 15

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