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Liú Yúndé

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Character Name
Full Name Liù Yùndé
Kanji 劉 雲徳
Furigana りゅう・うんとく
Personal Info
Epithet Heavenly General
Age Deceased
Gender Male
Affiliation Thirteen Apostles
Family Liu Li Lei (Grand-daughter)
Occupation Strategic-Class Magician
Ability Name Thunderclap Tower
Novel Volume 8, Chapter 15 (Mentioned)

Liù Yùndé (劉 雲徳) is a Strategic-Class Magician of the Great Asian Union. He is also one of the Thirteen Apostles. [1] Liù Yùndé is known as the "Heavenly General". [2]


On October 31st, 2095, Liù perished at the Zhènhai Naval Port along with the entire invasion fleet off the Southern Korean Peninsula ( during the event known as Scorched Halloween) caused by the use of Material Burst by Ooguro Ryuuya. [1][2]

As of March, 2097, the Great Asian Union doesn't officially recognize the death of Liù Yùndé. [3]


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