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Leonid Kondrachenko

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Character Name
Full Name Leonid Kondrachenko
Furigana レオニード・コンドラチェンコ
Personal Info
Age 70's
Gender Male
Ability Name Army of Terra
Novel Volume 21, Chapter 1

Leonid Kondrachenko (レオニード・コンドラチェンコ) is a Strategic-Class Magician of the New Soviet Union. [1]


Leonid holds the rank of Major General. He has the authority to freely use personnel and goods at the Black Sea Base. He also has no obligation to obey orders from the base commander whom is also a Major General. Leonid reports directly to the Minister of Defense, however he in fact only follows orders given to him by the Prime Minister. [1]

Appearance and Personality

He is in his 70's and uses a cane to walk because of a broken right knee. [1]

Due to his advanced age, he remains at the Black Sea Base. [2][1]


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