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The Left-Bloods are people whose parents were soldiers of USA and stayed in Okinawa after the USA departure to Hawaii during World War III. It was due to the intensification of the twenty years of continuous border conflicts, the American (at the time it was still the USA) forces garrisoned in Okinawa eventually withdrew to Hawaii and left behind their children. The majority of them were not abandoned by their parents, their fathers had died in the war; however, many of them were taken in and raised by the National Defense force who had inherited the base, afterwards they became part of the military.

They are valiant soldiers who superbly fulfill the duty of defending the border and many of their children, also become soldiers. However, a private Okinawa Tourist Guide website contained an article warning that many of those children, in short the second generation, were known for behaving badly so one should be wary of them. [1]

Known Left-Bloods

  • Higaki Joseph
  • Kinjou Dick
  • Higaki called out to three other Left-Bloods during the attack on the shelter in Okinawa, where Tatsuya's family took refuge in, but only first names were given: Al, Mark, Ben [2]


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