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Kyokan Jigoku


Oscillation Type
Area of Effect
Known Users
Ichijou Masaki
Related Spells

Kyokan Jigoku (叫喚地獄) is a Heat Magic that relies on the oscillation of fluid molecules to increase fluid temperature of any living thing inside the area set by the user. Unrelated to physical obstacles, this is a power that devours covers in order to alter the phenomena, but requires a time of 30 seconds to a minute in order to activate.

The initial change is gradual and the targets will only feel a slight increase in body heat. However, this quickly turns into a burning hot pain that leads the victim to roll around on the ground. After thirty seconds, their eyes turn murky and their living body is rendered into a corpse. [1]

Ichijou Masaki used this magic after he joined the Volunteer Army of the Magic Association (Branch Office) during the fight against terrorist (during the Thesis Competition) in the terrorist attack in China Street.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Compared to 'Rupture' which can instantaneously evaporate liquids, this magic requires time (30 seconds to a full minute) to increase fluid temperature. It can be described as an inferior version Rupture, since this magic sacrifices sheer firepower in order to expand the range from "target object" to a "wide area".

"Kyokan Jigoku" is a magic that directly affects the human body within the targeted area. Thus, it is very difficult to affect Magicians who have applied Data Fortification to themselves. This also means that Magicians are the only ones who can survive the execution site. [1]


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