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Character Name
Full Name Kurosawa
Kanji 黒沢
Furigana くろさわ
Personal Info
Age 20's
Gender Female
Affiliation Kitayama
Occupation Housekeeper/Maid
Novel Volume 5, Summer Break

Kurosawa (黒沢) is an omni-housekeeper and maid for the Kitayama Family.

Appearance and Personality

Kurosawa is described as someone who doesn't seem to be any older than her mid-twenties at most. However, she doesn't give off a soft image, as she seems more the type to come accompanied by the 'snap' sound effect.


She serves as a helmsman of the cruiser Shizuku and her friends used to travel to the island archipelago where the Kitayama villa is located. [1]

During the Scorched Halloween event, she piloted a twin-engine helicopter called by Shizuku to help evacuate stranded civilians. [2]


  1. Volume 5, Summer Break
  2. Volume 7, Chapter 12

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