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Kuroba Mitsugu


Kuroba Mitsugu Manga

Character Name
Full Name Kuroba Mitsugu
Kanji 黒羽 貢
Furigana くろば・みつぐ
Personal Info
Gender Male
Ability Name Poisoned Bees
Novel Volume 8, Chapter 4
Audio Drama Atsushi Ono (Audio Drama)

Kuroba Mitsugu (黒羽 貢) is the Head of the Kuroba Family, a Branch Family of the Yotsuba and is Shiba Miya's and Yotsuba Maya's cousin. He has two children, Kuroba Fumiya and Kuroba Ayako.

Appearance and Personality

He and his children tend to be overly formal and dress accordingly. At work he wears a formal hat that is mentioned to look like he has read one too many novels, so he has a penchant for drama. 

He enjoys bragging about his children. He is described as a “Yotsuba” to the marrow of his bones in the fact he feels that having his own children showing empathy for a tool (a Guardian like Tatsuya) is improper.

He is overly formal with his cousin Yotsuba Maya (and scared of her). He is very good at acting and hiding his true feelings behind a smiling mask, making him difficult to read.


He lost his wife a long time ago, earlier than when the Shiba siblings entered middle school. 

He is part of the Yotsuba and is the Head of the Kuroba Branch Family which is in charge of gathering intelligence. 

Although the Yotsuba do not have any semblance of a direct lineage, Mitsugu is as close to a direct lineage as one can get in the Yotsuba clan. He is a Magician who manifested the Mental Interference aspect of the Yotsuba heritage.


Bearing the tasteless name “Poisoned Bees” that he applied himself, it was a sensory interference spell that increased the target’s pain perception infinitely until death. In this regard, if the target was someone who had a high pain threshold and was able to employ Counter Magic before the shock led to death then the spell would unravel, and there wasn't any effect on opponents who could cut off their pain sensors. In terms of killing power, this paled in comparison to the “Reaper’s Blade” created by his uncle, Yotsuba Genzou, the head of the Yotsuba Family two generations ago.

Still, it was premature to say that “Poisoned Bees” was magically inferior to “Reaper’s Blade”. The greatest advantage to “Poisoned Bees” was its ability to finish an opponent with the tiny prick of a pin. On the other hand, “Reaper’s Blade” required personal delivery to ensure death, leaving behind wounds on a corpse and blood splatter everywhere. In comparison, “Poisoned Bees” would only leave behind a nondescript wound that would be hard to link as the cause of death. When faced with a victim of “Poisoned Bees”, the initial assumption would be poison, then maybe death by suffocation, but the corpse would leave behind no evidence to support either hypothesis. For assassination purposes, “Poisoned Bees” was superb magic.

Another asset to “Poisoned Bees” was that this magic wasn't restricted to Mitsugu alone. Unlike most sensory interference magic, “Poisoned Bees” had an Activation Sequence that wasn't caster specific with a well streamlined process. In short, even Magicians other than Mitsugu were capable of using this magic. Naturally, this would require a degree of acclimation, but now all of the Kuroba agents employed “Poisoned Bees” as their trump card.

Volume 10, Chapter 9


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