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Kuroba Juuzou

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Character Name
Full Name Kuroba Juuzou
Kanji 黒羽 重蔵
Furigana くろば・じゅうぞう
Personal Info
Age Deceased
Gender Male
  • Shiba Miyuki (Great-Niece)
  • Yotsuba Intelligence
  • Former Family Head
Novel Volume 8, Untouchable — The Nightmare of 2062 (Named only)

Kuroba Juuzou (黒羽 重蔵) was the former Head of Kuroba Family Branch Family, in charge of supervising the Intelligence Division of the Yotsuba Family.

Appearance and Personality

According Mitsugu, it was he who proposed the killing Tatsuya when he was just a baby, which was being protected by Yotsuba Eisaku giving the argument that it would be the trump card for the Yotsuba Family. [1]


He together with Yotsuba Genzou and other Yotsuba Family members went to Dahan in 2062 with the intention of avenging Yotsuba Maya and destroy the Kunlunfang Institute. [2]

He was one of the survivors of the Yotsuba suicide squad responsible for the slaughter in Dahan that earned the Yotsuba Family the title of Untouchables. [2]

He died years before timeline of the novel. [3]



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