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Kuki Mamoru

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Character Name
Full Name Kuki Mamoru
Kanji 九鬼 守
Furigana くき・まもる
Personal Info
Age 60's
Gender Male
Affiliation 18 Assistant Houses (Kuki)
Family Oldest Daughter (Family Head)
Occupation Former Family Head
Novel Volume 13, Chapter 4

Kuki Mamoru (九鬼 守) is the former Head of the Kuki Family, which is one of the 18 Assistant Houses.

Kuki Mamoru calls Kudou Retsu, "sensei".

Appearance and Personality


The Families that bear the number Nine (九) in their names work together better than others.

The relationship of the Ten Master Clans to the 18 Assistant Houses is like Main House to Branch House. Another comparison is of that of a Lord to his retainers.

They could be called a "traditional faction." They work together with the Kudou Family against mutual enemies. This makes the Kudou Family the "core", when referring back to the Ninth Institute. The reason that they were the core, instead of the heads of the Kuki and Kuzumi (九頭見) Families, is due in part because of Kudou Retsu's charisma.

Although Retsu's influence has waned over the Ninth Institute, but the former heads of the Kuki and Kuzumi families still recognize him as their leader.

He knows that Tatsuya is Miya's son, although it's unsure how much he knows exactly.