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WK SA Spoiler Alert: This page contains spoilers. Read at your own risk.

The Kuki (九鬼) Family is a one of the 18 Assistant Houses, bearing the number Nine (九) ​in their name.


They are from the Ninth Institute, where the research focus was, the "Streamlining and Appropriation of Ancient Magic into Modern Magic". [1]

The Old Ninth Research Institute, which was officially closed after WWIII, and is currently a joint civilian research facility operated by the Kudou, Kuki, and Kuzumi Families that researches Perception-Type Magic. [2]

Even while he was over sixty years old, Mamoru retired handing position of Family Head over to his eldest daughter in order for him to work alongside Kudou Retsu as his "hands". [3]

Area of Influence

At the request of Shippou Takumi of the Shippou Family, the Houses of Nine continue to monitor Kyoto, the Nara and Shiga prefectures, including Kii. [4]


  • Former Family Head : Kuki Mamoru
  • Daughter : Current Head of Kuki Family (Eldest Daughter)


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