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Kudou Makoto

Kudo Makoto

Character Name
Full Name Kudou Makoto
Kanji 九島 真言
Furigana くどう・まこと
Personal Info
Age 64
Gender Male
Affiliation Ten Master Clans (Kudou)
Occupation Clan Head
Novel Volume 13, Chapter 0

Kudou Makoto (九島 真言) is the head of the Kudou Family, which is one of the Ten Master Clans. He is in charge of the Ninth Institute. He is the father of Kudou Minoru, who was born with his genetics from Makoto himself and from his sister, the wife of the head of the Fujibayashi Family.


Kudou Retsu blames himself for not stopping his son, Makoto from going too for in the pursuit of power, which created his son, Minoru. Retsu wanted to end the purpose of turning magicians into living weapons.


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