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Kobayakawa Keiko

AN17 003

Character Name
Full Name Kobayakawa Keiko
Kanji 小早川 景子
Furigana こばやかわ・けいこ
Personal Info
Gender Female
Height 163 cm
Occupation Student
School First High School
National Defense Academy
  • First High (Graduate)
    Year 3 Class ? Course 1 - 2095
  • National Defense Academy
    Year 1 - 2096
    Year 2 - 2097
Voiced By Azumi Asakura (Anime)
Novel Volume 4, Chapter 11
Anime Episode 17, Nine Schools Competition X

Kobayakawa Keiko (小早川 景子) was a third year student in First High School in AD 2095 and a representative in the Official Division of the Nine Schools Competition for the Battle Board and Mirage Bat events.


During the Mirage Bat event, she becomes a victim of the Golden Electron Silkworms, which caused her CAD to falter, resulting in an accident and her withdrawal in the middle of the event. Due to the psychological shock she lost her ability to use magic. The engineer responsible for her in that event was Hirakawa Koharu, the older sister of Hirakawa Chiaki.

She stated that she would enter the University of National Defense. This was largely due to Tatsuya's suggestion as he heard from Fujibayashi at multiple times that if there was a Magician in the rear as tactical staff, then it would be much easier for the Magicians on the front lines to do their work. This is due to the usual staff that managed the tactical planning being non-Magicians who only had a theoretical understanding of magic. Because of this, Kobayakawa found a way that she could take advantage of her skills and training and graduate alongside her classmates.