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Kitayama Wataru


Wataru and Shizuku
Character Name
Full Name Kitayama Wataru
Kanji 北山 航
Furigana きたやま・わたる
Personal Info
Age 12
Gender Male
Affiliation Kitayama
Occupation Student
School Junior High School - AD 2097
  • Sixth Year - AD 2096
  • Seventh Year - AD 2097
Novel Volume 12, Chapter 2

Kitayama Wataru (北山 航) is Kitayama Ushio's son and Kitayama Shizuku's younger brother.

Appearance and Personality

Wataru is a petite young boy with an adolescent air and behaves well. He is intimidated by Miyuki's appearance and likes his sister and would like to help her with Magic. He worships and respects Tatsuya.


Wataru is a member of the wealthy Kitayama Family. His mother, Kitayama Benio a magician, had fallen in love with his millionaire father, Ushio at first sight, and after much strife they were finally married, at which the paternal lineage turned up no Magicians.

Wataru's aim is to become a Magic Engineer. He has also entered Junior High School as a seventh grader. [1]


Unlike Shizuku, he possesses a meager measure of practical ability unsuited for true magic.


  1. Volume 21, Character Introduction

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