Kitayama Ushio

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Character Name
Full Name Kitayama Ushio
Other Name Kitakata Ushio
Kanji 北山 潮
Furigana きたやま・うしお
Personal Info
Epithet Financial Giant
Gender Male
Affiliation Kitayama
Occupation Businessman
Novel Volume 5, Summer Break

Kitayama Shizuku

Shizuku is his eldest daughter. In the light novels, it is implied that he spoils her too much. In his brief appearance in the fifth volume, before bidding Tatsuya's group a farewell, the latter thought that he thinks Ushio had at least wanted to sail with his daughter.

In the Yokohama Disturbance Chapter, Shizuku helped gain intel from the Magic Association through the VIP Conference Room reserved for cabinet members and financial group leaders, using the ID key and access codes likely given to her by Ushio.

Mitsui Honoka

Honoka is Shizuku's best friend who Ushio loved like another daughter since primary school. The former is apprehensive at meeting him however, due to his tendencies to pass not inconsiderable amounts on pocket money on her.

Honoka calls him "father" and "uncle".

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