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Kitayama Benio

Kitayama Benio-MKNR-DS-1

Character Name
Full Name Kitayama Benio
Other Name Naruse Benio (鳴瀬 紅音)
Kanji 北山 紅音
Furigana きたやま・べにお
Personal Info
Gender Female
Affiliation Kitayama
Novel Volume 12, Chapter 2

Kitayama Benio (北山 紅音) is the wife of a wealthy businessman Kitayama Ushio, and the mother of Kitayama Shizuku and Kitayama Wataru

Appearance and Personality

Benio is incredibly strong willed, enough that her husband is a little bit afraid of her. She also is brave enough to go head to head with Tatsuya. Tatsuya feels that Benio is someone with a forked tongue. 

Benio believes that when Magicians are too talented they will not find much happiness in life, and will find less happiness than other people. 


Benio is suspicious of Tatsuya for appearing "too powerful", having a lack of personal data, and for being close to her two daughters, Honoka and Shizuku, but refusing to date Honoka. She worries that he is using Honoka for her affiliation with Elements and also how Shizuku seems to view him as an almost divine personage and trusts him absolutely. She thinks he spells trouble for Shizuku. 


She was once famous throughout the magic world for her skill in Oscillation Type Magic, and is an A rank Magician in that area. 

Benio is 9 years younger than Ushio and married late due to the problems involved with marrying a non-Magician. 


For Magicians, being superlatively talented is not a sign of happiness. Instead, happiness recedes from them...

—Benio talking to Ushio, Volume 12, Chapter 2