Kirihara Takeaki

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei77

Character Name
Full Name Kirihara Takeaki
Kanji 桐原 武明
Furigana きりはら・たけあき
Personal Info
Gender Male
Height 173 cm
Weight 66 kg
Occupation Student
School First High School
National Defense Academy
  • First High (Graduate)
    Year 2 Class ? Course 1 - 2095
    Year 3 Class ? Course 1 - 2096
  • National Defense Academy
    Year 1 - 2097
Ability Name Sonic Blade
Voiced By Tomokazu Sugita (Anime)
Novel Volume 1, Chapter 5
Manga Volume 2, Chapter 10
Anime Episode 3, Enrollment Chapter III

Mibu Sayaka

Kirihara defending Mibu and Kei and Chiyoda

Kirihara defending Mibu

Kirihara has known Sayaka Mibu since Middle School, where he saw her skills in kendo, not for killing, but only for the competition. He found that truly beautiful.

In the Spin-off manga, Kirihara reveals to Juumonji that the reason he attacked Mibu was because unlike the way she performed kendo in the past, he felt that her technique at the time was "tainted" in some way by someone else in the Kendo club.

The two start a relationship after the Blanche incident. They are seen together during the Yokohama Disturbance arc, when Tatsuya helps Kirihara and Isori Kei after the two were critically injured, and indirectly mentioned during the Visitors Arc, where Mibu goes to Kirihara's classroom to deliver chocolates for Valentine's day.

Hattori Gyoubushoujo Hanzou

Hattori and Kirihara became good friends after their arrival in First High. Kirihara confides in Hattori his suspicions about the Shiba siblings during the Nine Schools Competition, and briefly teases him regarding his comment about how the terms "Blooms" and "Weeds" are irrelevant to a student's abilities.

Shiba Tatsuya

Tatsuya is the one who stopped Kirihara from using B-rank magic against Sayaka Mibu during recruitment week. Later, Kirihara volunteered to be the guinea pig during a test of Tatsuya's engineering abilities following the Student Council's recommendation for him to join the Nine Schools Competition.

Tatsuya and Kirihara seem to have a simple, casual relationship since their first meeting but the latter remains fearful when it comes to Tatsuya's natural killing intent. Kirihara once confided in Hattori about his suspicions of Tatsuya's experience in live combat. This is confirmed during the disturbance in Yokohama, when he learns that Tatsuya holds the rank of Special Officer.

Ichihara Suzune

She picked him with Hattori Hanzou as bodyguards during the AD 2095 Thesis Competition.

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