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Kinjou Dick

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Character Name
Full Name Kinjou Dick
Kanji 金城 ディック
Furigana きんじょう・でぃっく
Personal Info
Gender Male
  • Left-Bloods
  • National Defense Force (Onna Airborne Second Squad)
Occupation Private First Class (Onna Airborne Second Squad)
Novel Volume 8, Chapter 2 (First Appearance)
Volume 8, Chapter 14 (Named)
Manga Volume 1, Chapter 1
Audio Drama Takayuki Kondou (Audio Drama)

Kinjou Dick (金城 ディック) is a Private First Class attached to the Onna Airborne Second Squad. 

Appearance and Personality

Kinjou is a Left Blood who is angry and dissatisfied with how he and others have been treated because of who they are.


Kinjou tried to have the civilian family along with Shiba Miya, Shiba Miyuki and Sakurai Honami moved to another location under pretense of the bunker no longer being safe. This was a ruse, since he tried to move them in order to hand them over to the enemy, but they ended up being shot after Miyuki tries to defend herself from being taken away. Joseph Higaki arrives and talks to Kinjou about why he is betraying everyone. This buys Shiba Tatsuya enough time to return and use Regrowth on Miyuki, Miya, and Honami. [1]


  1. Volume 8, Chapter 14