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Kent Smith


Character Name
Full Name Kent Smith
Kanji 賢人 隅守
Furigana けんと・すみす
Personal Info
Gender Male
Occupation Student
School First High School
Year/Course Year 1 Class G Course 2 - 2096
Novel Volume 12, Chapter 6

Kent Smith (隅守 賢人) is a student of First High School, and a first year Course 2 student.

Appearance & Personality

Kent has white skin, silver eyes, and platinum blond hair which makes him extremely eye catching. His slight physique and winsome facial features give off an impression of cuteness to observers. It has been stated that his facial features largely contain Nordic traits and don't contain any Japanese traits.

He is small in stature, and his height reaches up to Tatsuya's chest. He bears physical similarities to Jennifer Smith, suggesting a relation. He is described as being the male version of Honoka, staring at Tatsuya adoringly with puppy dog eyes, which confuses Tatsuya.


Both of his parents are naturalized citizens, and his mother is Jennifer Smith. [1]

He chose First High School over Fourth High School after seeing Tatsuya's accomplishments as an Engineer in the Nine Schools Competition and wanted to be in the same school as Tatsuya. He has already decided to enter the Magic Engineering Course in his second year. 

Tatsuya speculated that he may be related to Jennifer Smith. It was hinted that Kent was probably bullied in elementary and middle school due to his unusual name. 

Later, he participated in the Stellar Furnace experiment as part of the technical team, and was also an (assistant) Engineer in the AD 2096 Nine Schools Competition.


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