Kazama Harunobu


Character Name
Full Name Kazama Harunobu
Kanji 風間 玄信
Furigana かざま・はるのぶ
Personal Info
Epithet Great Tengu
Age 44
Gender Male
Height 180 cm
Weight 78 kg
Affiliation National Defense Force (101 Independent Magic-Equipped Battalion)
Occupation Lieutenant Colonel (101st Brigade)
Ability Name Cloak of Invisibility
Voiced By Toru Ohkawa (Anime)
Novel Volume 3, Chapter 2
Anime Episode 11, Nine Schools Competition IV
Audio Drama Toru Ohkawa (Audio Drama)

Shiba Tatsuya

Kazama had a long friendship with Tatsuya. He does not mind picking fun at him, and the two share a good relationship.

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