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Kasuga Akane

Akane kasuga

Character Name
Full Name Kasuga Akane
Kanji 春日 茜
Furigana かすが・あかね
Personal Info
Gender Female
Occupation Student
School Fifth High School
Year/Course Year 1 - AD 2095
Voiced By Kanae Oki (Anime)
Anime Episode 13, Nine Competitions VI

Kasuga Akane (春日 茜) is a student of Fifth High School.

Appearance and Personality

She is seen wearing a delinquent gangs outfit while chewing a twig leaf.


In AD 2095 she competed in the Women's Newcomer's Division Ice Pillars Break event. She was one of Shizuku's opponents. [1]


  • It is unknown if both Akane and Kasuga Nanami are related. Each have the exact same Surname Kasuga (春日).


  1. Episode 13, Nine Competitions VI

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