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Kanou Shiori

Kanou Shiori-MKNY Manga 26

Character Name
Full Name Kanou Shiori
Kanji 十七夜 栞
Furigana かのう・しおり
Personal Info
Gender Female
Occupation Student
School Third High School
Year/Course Year 1 Course 1
Spin-off Manga Volume 5, Chapter 26

Kanou Shiori (十七夜 栞) appears in the spin-off manga, Mahouka Koukou no Yuutousei. She is a student of Third High School, and Year 1 Course 1 student.

Appearance and Personality


When Shiori was younger, she was from a family that had lost its number and has been an Extra. Though, she is now adopted by the Kanou Family, one of the Hundred Families. [1]

Shiori is a close friend of both Isshiki Airi and Tsukushiin Touko.

In AD 2095 she competed in the Women's Newcomers Division Speed Shooter event. She came in fourth place overall in the Speed Shooter event after losing to Kitayama Shizuku. [2]




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