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Kamono Kinoe

Mahouka Koukou no Rettouseihfhj

Character Name
Full Name Kamono Kinoe
Other Name Tsukasa Kinoe (司 甲)
Kanji 鴨野 甲
Furigana かもの・きのえ
Personal Info
Gender Male
Height 183 cm
Weight 74 kg
Family Tsukasa Hajime (Former Step-Brother)
Occupation Student
School First High School
Year/Course Year 3 Class F Course 2 - AD 2095
Ability Name Over-sensitivity to Spirit Particle Emission
Voiced By Masayuki Katou (Anime)
Novel Volume 1, Chapter 5
Manga Volume 2, Chapter 11
Anime Episode 3, Enrollment Chapter III (Anime)

Kamono Kinoe (鴨野 甲) is a graduate from the First High School, and was a brainwashed into becoming a member of Blanche.


Ace and Captain of the Kendo Club

Kinoe, previously known as Kamono Kinoe (鴨野 甲). His parents and grandparents showed no genetic predisposition towards magic. On the surface, a purely "mundane" family, but they're actually a side branch of the Kamo family. Despite being a side branch, it was of distant relation, making them no different from a mundane family.

His mother remarried, and after that his name became Tsukasa Kinoe (司甲). The spouse brought with him a child from his previous marriage. This step-brother was the leader of Blanche's Japanese Branch. This brother, Tsukasa Hajime, used the Evil-Eye to make him do what he wants. After the Blanche induced incident in First High School, Kinoe was found innocent. This was because he had been under the influence of mind control.

He is now Kamono Kinoe (鴨野 甲) again. After his mother divorced, they both took on her maiden name Kamono (鴨野). [1]


Over-sensitivity to Spirit Particle Emission

Main article: Over-Sensitivity to Spirit Particle Emission

He is not at the same level as Mizuki, but his "eyes" most likely reflect an earlier ancestor. He is at the level that can identify any released spiritual motions. He shouldn't be able to read the spiritual aura hidden within an individuals body.


  1. Volume 14, Chapter 3

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