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Single Target
Known Users
Unnamed Second High 1st year Monolith Code competitor
Angie Sirius
Related Spells

Kamaitachi is a magic spell of which little is known. It is an offensive spell mentioned only twice in the Light Novel.

  • First, it was mentioned during Nine Schools Competition/First Year in Tatsuya's second Monolith Code match, a first year student from Second High School used this magic. [1]
  • Second, Tatsuya informed Erika after her fight with Angie Sirius while chasing the vampires (magicians possessed by Paranormal Parasite) incident that she was attacked with this spell mixed into a wind magic by Angie Sirius. [2]


  • Kamaitachi (鎌鼬) is a Japanese yōkai. [3]
  • There is a technique called Kamaitachi no Jutsu in the popular Naruto franchise. [4]


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