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Juumonji Kazuki

Jumonji Kazuki

Character Name
Full Name Juumonji Kazuki
Kanji 十文字 和樹
Furigana じゅうもんじ・かずき
Personal Info
Age 44
Gender Male
Affiliation Ten Master Clans (Juumonji)
Occupation Former Clan Head
Ability Name Phalanx
Novel Volume 17, Chapter 5

Juumonji Kazuki (十文字 和樹) is the former head of the Juumonji family, which is one of the Ten Master Clans. In AD 2097 during the Ten Master Clans Conference, he stepped down as head of the Juumonji Clan and announced his son, Katsuto as the next head.


He is the owner of a Civil Engineering Construction Company, which specializes in supporting the National Defense of Japan.

Going back three years, while at the Juumonji's House, Kazuki started to suffer from a specific illness that started reducing his magic capacity; due in part to the Juumonji family's ability to over-clock their brain's Magic Calculation Area. Then going back two years, he was no longer able to use magic in combat. Finally three months before the Master Clans Conference, he lost the ability to use magic entirely.

During the Conference, Kazuki stepped down as head of the Juumonji family. His son, Katsuto was announced to become the next head, and the decision was unanimously agreed upon by the other heads. [1]


  1. Volume 17, Chapter 5

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