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Joseph Doe

Joseph Doe

Character Name
Full Name Joseph Doe
Kanji ジョー゠社
Furigana ジョー・ドゥ
Aliases Joe Doe
Personal Info
Age 30~
Gender Male
Affiliation USNA
Occupation Agent
Novel Volume 19, Chapter 13

Joseph Doe (ジョセフ・ドゥ) is a USNA agent. Known as Joe Doe, he was attached to the mission of assassinating Jiedo Heigu and helping him escape from Japan. [1]

Appearance and Personality

He is believed to be in his 30's. His height is in the mid 170 cm range. He has black hair, black eyes, sunburned skin, and a mediocre face. [1]


He assisted Heigu when Shiba Tatsuya came after him at Zama base, causing Doe to help Heigu escape via ambulance. When they escaped Hiratsuka, Doe was in the passenger seat. Heigu made Doe into a kyonshii and manipulated him while on the run, after having not trusted him during the escape. Both Heigu and Doe escaped on a high-speed cargo ship, out to sea. Though after the vessel was destroyed by Benjamin Canopus, who used Molecular Divider, Doe's body sank into the sea. [1]


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