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Jiedo Heigu


Character Name
Full Name Jiedo Heigu
Other Name Gu Jii (顧 傑)
Furigana ジード・ヘイグ
Personal Info
Age Deceased
Gender Male
Occupation Sage
Ability Name
Novel Volume 4, Chapter 12 (Named)
Volume 17, Chapter 4 (First Appearance)

Jiedo Heigu (ジード・ヘイグ) also called Gu Jie (グ・ジー) is the leader of the international terrorist organization, Blanche.

He gives direct orders to Zhou Gongjin who is also from Dahan, who also hopes to accomplish the goal of destroying the Yotsuba.

Appearance & Personality

He is seen to look only about fifty years old but is actually 97 years old as of January of 2097. [1]

He has white colored hair (grey), however, he has dark skin; this is from him being an oriental Asian. Though he isn't seen to have any wrinkles, cracks, sagging, or age spots (senile lentigo). [1]

Jiedo communicates through a large, humanoid doll dressed in Chinese finery woven with countless gold and silver threads while sitting in a chair. This humanoid doll is a Sorcery Booster medium that was created from a human corpse, with its entrails removed and preservatives applied before directly modifying the brain. Behind the humanoid doll, a gigantic transmission device that rivaled a restaurant's freezer sat there with a cable coming out that plugged directly into the back of the skull. This doll is able to be communicated with through the use of Zombiemaker.


He was originally from Dahan, where he was a part of Dahan's military occultists. However, the country was destroyed by the Yotsuba Family and then assimilated into the Great Asian Union. Jiedo was able to survive his country being destroyed, and he now desires to take vengeance on the Yotsuba Family.

He was the previous leader of the international crime syndicate, No Head Dragon. Currently, he is the leader of Blanche, where he is called the "Black Sage", or "Big Lord Heigu".

With his connections, he is able to interfere with the workings of Japan, or at least he was until the Blanche and No Head Dragon chapters in the country were shut down.

His grandson Richard Sun is the former leader of No Head Dragon.

He is one of the Seven Sages who can access Hliðskjálf, which allows him to collect information from around the world with incredible efficiency.


Magical Abilities

He specializes in Ancient Magic. The magic that he possessed isn't suited for direct confrontation. If we're talking strictly about duels, Zhou Gongjin was his superior and this was something Gu Jie himself was willing to admit.

Gu Jie was proficient in techniques that used human organs or parts to create magic devices, like with the case of ‘Sorcery Boosters’, that is, to turn a human into a tool functioning similarly to a ‘Generator’, and magic for controlling corpses. This magic comes from mainland China and works by using the same techniques found in CADs that transform Psion signals into electric ones, thereby turning a corpse into a communication device that cannot be wiretapped. He also used this type of magic to have corpses carry bombs when he attacked the heads of the Ten Master Clans.

Surgery of Perpetual Youth- is a magic surgery developed by Gu Jie and consists of implanting the magic inside of someone who then continually applies it. This magic succeeded in obtaining perpetual youth, but could not give genuine immortality. However, if the person the magic is performed on doesn’t have the aptitude, the compensation for staying young is to consume their life force. In other words, one's lifespan. There had been some cases of sudden death after three to six months.


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