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Jennifer Smith

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Character Name
Full Name Jennifer Smith
Furigana ジェニファー・スミス
Personal Info
Age 40~
Gender Female
Family Kent Smith (Son)
Occupation Teacher
Novel Volume 12, Chapter 5

Jennifer Smith (ジェニファー・スミス) is a new teacher in First High School and is in charge of practical lessons in the Magic Engineering Course.


She is originally from Boston in the USNA, and became a naturalized citizen of Japan 18 years before the events of Double Seven Arc. Tatsuya noted a similarity between her and Kent Smith, a first year student. [1]

As the teacher responsible for the engineering course, she was the recipient for the permission to realize the stellar furnace experiment. She circulated the application to the other members of the staff.


Tatsuya thinks that she is similar to Tsuzura sensei in the fact they are both too independent in their research, and having ended up as teachers at a Magic Affiliated High School.


  • No relation between Jennifer and Kent Smith has been announced at this point.


  1. Volume 12, Chapter 5

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