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Japan (日本 Nippon) is a nation made up of an archipelago.


Japan's territory is a bit larger than before, as they took a few islands during World War III. [citation needed]


  • They have few Magicians but are very advanced in Magic Technologies as a result of past experiments.
  • The Ten Master Clans are the leaders of the Magician Community and Magicians are considered a national asset and as such can't travel outside of Japan. It's the price to pay to have many privileges.
  • Their lineages of powerful Magicians are considered the most refined in the world. 
  • The Juumonji Clan are considered to be the best defensive Magicians in the world. 
  • They possess the strongest Magician of the current age, Yotsuba Maya
  • They possess the Yotsuba clan, who are feared around the world as the possible harbingers of World War IV. 


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