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James Zhu

James Zhu

Character Name
Full Name James Zhu
Kanji ジェームス 朱
Furigana ジェームス・チュー
Personal Info
Age Deceased
Gender Male
Affiliation No Head Dragon
Occupation Criminal Organization, Executive of the Eastern Japan Branch
Voiced By Tomohiro Sato (Anime)
Novel Volume 4, Chapter 9 (First Appearance)
Volume 4, Chapter 12 (Named)
Anime Episode 13, Nine Schools Competition VI

James Zhu (ジェームス 朱) is an Executive of the Japanese Eastern Branch of No Head Dragon and resides on top of the highest floor in the Yokohama Grand Hotel in Chinatown.


James Zhu is mentioned by Shiba Tatsuya to be a wanted criminal by Interpol. [1]


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