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Itsuwa Isami

Itsuwa Usami

Character Name
Full Name Itsuwa Isami
Kanji 五輪 勇海
Furigana いつわ・いさみ
Personal Info
Age 49
Gender Male
Affiliation Ten Master Clans (Itsuwa)
  • Clan Head
  • Ocean Freight Shipping Company (Owner/Executive)
Novel Volume 17, Chapter 5

Itsuwa Isami (五輪 勇海) is the Head of the Itsuwa Family, which is one of the Ten Master Clans. [1]

Appearance and Personality

He dresses neatly, however his appearance is that of a plain and unrefined businessman. [1]


He is 49 years old during the Master Clans Conference in February of AD 2097. [1]

Isami currently lives in Uwajima, Ehime at the Main House of the Itsuwa Family. [1]

Isami is an executive as well as an owner of an Ocean Freight Shipping Company. [1]

As the Head of the Itsuwa Family, he monitors the Shikoku region. During the Master Clans Conference held every four years, he gives a report on the status of the region. [1]


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