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Isshiki Airi

Isshiki Airi-MKNY Manga 26

Character Name
Full Name Isshiki Airi
Kanji 一色 愛梨
Furigana いつしき・あいり
Personal Info
Epithet Lightning Airi
Gender Female
Affiliation 18 Assistant Houses (Isshiki)
Family Mother
Occupation Student
School Third High School
Year/Course Year 1 Course 1
Ability Name Lightning
Spin-off Manga Volume 5, Chapter 26

Shiba Miyuki

She suspects that Miyuki is from a clan and that she is lying saying she isn't which makes her suspect her even more. Airi is a little bit shocked that Masaki has taken an interest in a girl and it makes her even more curious about Miyuki. She thinks that basically nothing good can come out of liking Miyuki, especially if she's not from a numbered family.

Kanou Shiori

Tsukushiin Touko

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