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Isori Kei

Isori Kei Anime ver.

Character Name
Full Name Isori Kei
Kanji 五十里 啓
Furigana いそり・けい
Personal Info
Gender Male
Family Chiyoda Kanon (Fiancée)
School First High School
Ability Name
Voiced By Sōma Saitō (Anime)
Novel Volume 3, Chapter 3
Anime Episode 8, Nine Schools Competition I

Chiyoda Kanon

Kanon is his fiancée.

During the disturbance of Yokohama, Kei protects Kanon from the enemy attack, ending up being mortally wounded.
AN20 009

Shiba Tatsuya

Kei seems to have a good relationship with Tatsuya. Kei is impressed by Tatsuya's  CAD calibration abilities. He is also grateful to Tatsuya for saving him using his "Regrowth" magic.

At first he thought that the magic of regeneration should not be a secret. But knowing the price Tatsuya pay to use his magic, he felt awful to know that their pain suffered 150 times, so he decided to keep that skill a secret.

Chiba Erika

The Isori and Chiba family have close working ties thus Kei and Erika has known each other since young. Kei is responsible for the engravement magic found in Erika personal CAD.

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