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Release Date August 10, 2017
ISBN ISBN 978-4-04-893281-3
On Cover Shiba Tatsuya, Shiba Miyuki
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Isolation is the 23rd volume in the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Light Novel series.


The Brazilian Armed Forces weren't the only one's to use Strategic-Class Magic, the Great Asian Union uses the Strategic-Class Magic Thunderclap Tower on the Gulf of Guinea. Magic will expand the war and shake the world.

Condemnation of those who use magic.

Condemnation of those who made magic.

In the midst of turmoil against magic and magicians, as a peaceful use of magic, a space development project called "Project Dione" is proposed from USNA researcher Edward Clark. And among the people selected, Taurus Silver is named.

At last Tatsuya is revealed as Taurus Silver and is exposed to the world.

Tatsuya and Miyuki will face a new challenge this time.

And Tatsuya clashes with the strongest enemy!

Chapter 1

End of April, 2097.

The exact date and time are not recorded. In the first place, the meeting was not something that could be left in the official record.

The Directors of the Intelligence Department, Inukai and Onda have finished listening to Sergeant Tooyama’s report about the attack on her facility. Tsukasa isn't able to confirm the identity of the attacker but she says without a doubt that it could have only been Shiba Tatsuya from the Yotsuba Family. To which everyone in the room agreed, they have all decided that Tatsuya is a criminal who attacked their facility and released the USNA captives.

In this case it is true, but even if they were false charges they would not mind.

They believe it is necessary to increase their surveillance of this “dangerous person”. One person questions whether or not he should be eliminated immediately. While it is a course of action they would normally take, they don’t think they can rush into this. The Yotsuba family is without a doubt the strongest among the Ten Master Clans.

They also mention that they are aware of the Yotsuba family and the 101 IMEB relationship. They also mention that this is an unconfirmed report but Tatsuya might be the Strategic-Class Magician who is responsible for Scorched Halloween. They are also aware that it was the 101st Brigade was involved in it as well.

Quite a few of them were shocked to hear this report. And they all realize the difficulty of disposing of a Strategic-Class Magician and how important they are to the defense of Japan. They go on to say that even though it is unconfirmed, Shiba Tatsuya is a dangerous individual that they can’t ignore. They all agree to this and decide to move forward with something they call a “re-education” policy.

◇ ◇ ◇

Kazama who had been in Hokkaido returned to the 101st Brigade Headquarters. He is giving a report to Major General Saeki.

All 195 members of the 101st Brigade have made it home safely although it is described as a “battalion”, in terms of numbers it only about two squadrons. After hearing the report Saeki tells Kazama to give everyone special leave for three days.

Saeki moves on to discuss a message that she received for one of the leaders of the Intelligence Department, and it isn’t someone who Kazama is familiar with. The person in questions is a Major in the Intelligence Department and is also a part of Special Affairs. Saeki has no direct connection or authority over the Intelligence Department so Kazama guesses that this major has a private connection with Saeki.

Kazama asks what the Intelligence Department wanted to inform them of, and Saeki says that Ooguro Ryuuya has been on their “blacklist” for attacking a secret facility of the Intelligence Department. Kazama asks if they plan on trying to kill Tatsuya, to which Saeki says no, but they want to capture and “re-educate” him. Kazama understands that re-educate mean brainwashing.

Kazama goes on to say that it may be possible to assassinate Tatsuya, but that is impossible to capture him. Kazama is worried that this conflict in a worse-case scenario could end up with Tokyo being sunk into a sea of fire. Saeki asks if this is something that Tatsuya would do, and Kazama says that the Intelligence Department labeling him as a dangerous individual is natural and that there are certain flaws in his character. Saeki agrees that Tatsuya’s abilities are valuable and that he most likely lacks a sense of attachment to Japan.

Kazama goes on to say that it is too naïve to know how dangerous it is but there is no doubt that it could only take night to destroy the city.

Kazama: If we make an analogy to game world, Tatsuya would be a last boss.

Saeki: Then who would be our hero in this case?

Kazama: As the current time, there's no one. So in order to not make us face a last boss, it's advisable to not give him an impetus to do so.

Saeki then tells Kazama to communicate his opinions to the Intelligence Department.

◇ ◇ ◇

After school on May 2nd.

Tatsuya has returned to his daily life, even with the “kidnapping” incident just ending. But since there was misunderstandings and a lack of communication, the whole incident just seemed to pass by.

The Student Council members including Tatsuya, as usual were working in the Student Council Room.

The Student Council has begun their preparations for the upcoming Nine School Competition. They haven’t received the details about the events this year but decided to work on the basics, so that there isn’t any time wasted if a change does occur.

Tatsuya was checking the catalog of the CAD for the events, when he is interrupted by Pixie. She says that there is important news being broadcasted that just came in. Tatsuya tells Pixie to display the news on the wall, all the members of the Student Council gather around.

This time it’s Strategic-Class Magic used in Africa, in the Gulf of Guinea near the Nigerian Delta Region. The Strategic-Class Magic Thunderclap Tower was used and the allied forces have admitted to it. The news about Strategic-Class Magic in South America was still fresh in peoples minds, but with this the severity will definitely increase.

Miyuki asks about France, and Tatsuya says that it was most likely the main objective.

During the last World War, Africa struggled to find resources. And the few underground resources that were found have been the cause of many small scale conflicts. The conflicts have continued for more than 30 years, and in this particular region two forces compete with each other over these resources. With one side being backed by France and the other side being backed by the Great Asian Union.

In the last few months the forces backed by France had begun to tip the scales in their favor, and they speculate that the Strategic-Class Magic is aimed at restraining France’s support.

The magic used was Thunderclap Tower, however the user announced by the Great Asian Union was not Liu Yunde, but a girl named Liu Li Lei. This was attracting a lot of attention due to the fact that there is now another nationally recognized Strategic-Class Magician.

It is mentioned that Yunde has disappeared and hasn’t been seen for over a year. While the Great Asian Union has tried to keep the information surrounding Yunde a secret, it couldn’t be hidden completely. Tatsuya knew that Liu Yunde had died in “Scorched Halloween”.

They believe that this Liu Li Lei is here to replace Liu Yunde. Revealing another Strategic-Class Magician is a form of deterrent for the Great Asian Union. Izumi asks if this was used as a way to restrain France and also a demonstration for the rest of the world.

At their favorite coffee shop, Leo and Erika joins them with the main topic still being the strategic class magic used in Africa. Tatsuya gives the same information and explanation again to Leo and Erika.

They discuss the age of Liu Li Lei and that she is only 14 years old. Within an hour of the first report, the Great Asian Union gave a detailed report of their new Strategic-Class Magician. The main content condemned the inhumane acts of the armed groups in Africa and they appealed for the legitimacy for the use of Thunderclap Tower. And it named her as the newest “apostle”.

Erika seemed a bit irritated and surprised that a girl this young was being outed and announced to the world. They were all surprised at how easily the Great Asian Union gave up the information about Liu Li Lei. Tatsuya throws in a comment suggesting that he isn’t fully convinced that she is the magician responsible for Thunderclap Tower. Erika guesses at his speculation that maybe she is being exposed as a symbol for morale for her country.

Liu Li Lei backstory seems to be a young girl who wants to succeed her grandfather. And once again they are unsure if she really is his granddaughter, but it was included in the information released by the Great Asian Union.

It is said that over 800 people have died in the Strategic-Class Magic used in Africa. It is less than in the incident that occurred in South America. Tatsuya then starts to give an explanation of Thunderclap Tower.

Thunderclap Tower is a magic used over a wide area, the magic triggers the process to create electricity necessary for thunder and intermittently reduces the electrical resistance of everything in its radius as well. It continuously throws lightning strikes one after another. It is not only effective against light armored infantry but it also has other after effects. It causes serious damages to infrastructures and electronic equipment. The repeated lightning strikes in the area cause fluctuations in the electromagnetic field, which lowers the electric resistance of all objects in the area. The direct killing power of this magic isn’t as high as the other Strategic-Class Magic's but it’s effects on electronic equipment over a wide area is another thing all together. It is considered an EMP weapon.

Tatsuya wonders why they would use that magic in this area, if Thunderclap Tower is used too close to their own facilities then it could disable all of their own resource recycling facilities.

In the Nigerian Delta area, it has been said the Great Asian Union is in a recession. And with France offering unmanned automatic weapons, over half of the areas that were once controlled by the Great Asian Union were taken away.

So even if there is damage to the resource facilities, they must have prioritized neutralizing the unmanned weapons.

Tatsuya says that the number of actual casualties is likely to increase drastically due to the fact that Thunderclap Tower will paralyze all the medical facilities in the area.

Chapter 2

(In 2095, during the Nine Schools Competition, Tatsuya invented the magic known as Active Air Mine. Though the magic was used by Shizuku in the Newcomers Division Speed Shooting winning her victory in the event, it was recorded into the National Magic University Compiled Magic Encyclopedia Index of True Names. At the time Tatsuya wasn't treated as apart of the Yotsuba Family and as such, he wasn't treated as the inventor. The one who used it, Shizuku was the one who it was tried to be registered as the inventor of it. Though with the back and forth, the magic was registered yet not given the name of an inventor. Not until January of 2097 was the magic officially recorded under Tatsuya's name because of his position of being the son of the current head of the Yotsuba Family became known. Thus there became no more reason for the name of the inventor to be concealed anymore.)

The morning news of the day when use of the magic was revealed to be used by armed guerrillas, such a thing didn't bother Tatsuya.

That day in Class 3-E, before the start of class there was constant whispering done by students. Erika, who was hanging the upper half of her body from the corridor side window overlooking inside of Tatsuya's class.

(It became known that Active Air Mine was used by armed guerrillas and further developed into a tactical-class magic. There is no limit in power for the magic, but there is a trade-off between the scale and speed of use, all of which would depend on the magician using it.)

(Two days before, the Strategic-Class Magic "Thunderclap Tower" was used in Africa, causing numerous casualties. The announcement made by the Great Asian Union who substantially controls the region had announced the day before that there were less than 900 people dead. Though in fact the European and American mass media speculate that the local people alone exceeds the number, thus thinking the number of dead being an upwards of three-thousand people dead. The armed guerrillas include the local people. Terrorists who aren't even considered as guerrillas were misunderstood. However, the count contains a lot of civilians.)

(The last time retribution took place. Armed guerrillas attacked a military base of the Great Asian Union in Central Asia. The attacking organization was the EAND: Emancipation Army of the Niger Delta. It's an armed force who follows the trend of the international terrorist organization, MEND: Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta. In a timed attack, the Strategic-Class Magic "Thunderclap Tower" was used against EAND for the attack on the Great Asian Union military base. Thus the countermeasure against indiscriminate attacks became the reason for retaliation taking place.)

(The news today was about a female magician, Afua Mensah from the west coast of the Gulf of Guinea who made a statement of succeeding in retaliation. The center of the surprise attack in retaliation being the use of Active Air Mine. It enables the user to tag all solids that enter the Magic Activation Zone with oscillation waves. Humans captured within the zone when the magic is used, all of the bone within their bodies break and thus causes a blood bath causing them to die. It was discovered that Effia Mensah is the first person to use the magic on humans.)

A discussion involving Hirakawa Chiaki and Erika begins when Erika enters the classroom commenting that even though Tatsuya invented the magic, he isn't responsible for the victims caused by others. Thus causing Chiaki to turn away with an awkward expression before saying that its a moral responsibility for inventing an inhumane magic.

Erika responds with an "Oh?" in a loud voice causing Chiaki to become dazed. Tatsuya enters the conversation by telling Erika to stop along with the a light gaze of his eyes.

Those sitting around Chiaki start focusing on her.

Leo who also joins in on the conversation mentions moral responsibility before bringing up Nobel's dynamite and Einstein's atomic bomb.

The last thing mentioned in the conversation is that becoming dazed is something that will occur more often.

(With a narration that there wasn't anyone present who could deny that becoming dazed would happen.)

◇ ◇ ◇

Chapter 3

Sunday, May 12th.

The news reported in the morning was about an international project announced in Los Angeles. The presenter’s name is Edward Clark, he is an engineer from the USNA and is apart of the NSA (National Science Agency). His statement was that the NSA is calling for cooperation from around the world for a magnificent project.

It is called “Project Dione” which is a project that is meant to terraform Venus with resources from Jupiter and its satellites. In the future where Earth can't continue to support the increase in the growth of the worlds population, the project will lead the extraterrestrial immigration of humanity with magic as the core technology. The choice was between the planets Mars and Venus but after consideration of the gravity and atmospheric remodeling Venus was chosen.

Edward Clark named nine people other than himself that would be required to help promote and accomplish this task. Some of the names included were Paul Maximilien, President of Maximilien Device. Ernst Rosen, President of Rosen Magicraft. Edward had also named William McCloud and Igor Andreivitch Bezobrazzoff two of the nationally recognized Strategic-Class Magicians of the “Thirteen Apostles”, who are also famous figures in the magic community. After listing off the names of the nine people, Clark goes on to mention that there is another engineer that he wants to join the project. And that he is Japanese high school student who is known as “Taurus Silver” and that he cannot reveal his real name yet because he is a minor and by law he can’t publicly name him.

Tatsuya and Miyuki were watching the morning news, and Tatsuya mutters “A stupid story...”. Miyuki is looking at him with concerned eyes, and Tatsuya apologizes for causing her to worry. Tatsuya smiled at her but for some reason Miyuki starts to tear up, Minami hands her a handkerchief. Tatsuya asks Miyuki what’s wrong and Miyuki explains that she understands that “Tatsuya-sama” is being put in a tough position and that she wants to share Tatsuya’s troubles.

She goes on to say that she is not his sister anymore but his fiancée. Tatsuya wasn't puzzled by Miyuki's reaction and realized that it wasn't an easy thing for her to say without being embarrassed and decided to move the conversation along.

Tatsuya goes on to say that this project doesn’t make sense and that in order to find the true purpose, he would have to examine the contents of Project Dione. Tatsuya says that he cannot work for the USNA in his current position. Miyuki asks that if Maya requests him to do it… would he? Tatsuya says that even if Maya tells him to go, that he would not leave Miyuki. Miyuki turns a bit red, she is a bit more embarrassed than usual due to her declaration of being his fiancée and not his sister.

Tatsuya moves on to examine the information that they know of as of right now. They discuss Dione and Greek mythology and how it relates to the name of the project. He thinks that the project consists of four elements, with the first being the use of weight type and acceleration type magic needed for launching materials and assemblies up to space.

But even with the use of extraterrestrial resources, the first mining machines and tools would be lucky to make it there from earth with the use of high-thrust rocket engines.

For that purpose, this time they would supplement the existing rockets with weight and acceleration magic. Before the war, there was a plan for a strategic weapon to replace nuclear weapons, where a hyper-sonic mass bullet would be sent into space from an installation. The thrust of rocket engines became the bottleneck. In order to operate as a strategic weapon, it is necessary to deploy massive bullets. The development of a high-thrust rocket engine was necessary in order to carry such a mass into satellite orbit, or launch a rocket bit by bit. The expenses weren't acceptable, thus even though there was a nominal amount of preparation done it wasn't an alternative to nuclear weapons.

The idea from the USNA was to put two magicians on the rocket to use the weight and acceleration magic. This would alleviate the gravitational force on the rocket and satellite, it would have been a strategic military satellite that had a missile launch pad. But the project was abandoned after six failed launches and with all twelve magicians losing their lives. There wasn’t any type of accident but the stress for the magician was too great causing their magic calculation area to overheat to a fatal point. A solution has been devised already for this matter, although it has yet to be proven it would succeed according to Tatsuya.

The second element is to extract the metal resources necessary for the project from the asteroid belt with magicians. The Dione project requires a large amount of nickel, while nickel is available on Earth there are more than just one resource to be procured from the asteroid belt. And this way it could harvested without using the Earth’s underground resources. It is also said that mining the resources in space would be easier with move-type magic in space rather than the traditional ways on Earth.

The third element is to use magic as a means of harvesting hydrogen from Jupiter and transporting it to Venus. A scheme to react water and carbon dioxide under high temperature and high pressure to produce water and methane, this would bring water to the water-less Venus, and at the same time reduce carbon dioxide. Nickel would be the catalyst.

The fourth element is to deploy a tethered satellite (orbital work leveler not fixed to the ground). The hydrogen taken from Jupiter is transported to the tethered satellite. The planet Venus has high temperatures and high pressures, and using the Sabatier reaction that occurs using nickel as a catalyst that doesn’t require applying heat or pressure.

If Venus’ atmosphere can be secured sufficiently, it is possible to produce oxygen with genetically modified algae. In this scheme, a magician is placed on the satellite orbit of Jupiter and Venus, and the process of sending a hydrogen carrier from Jupiter and the process of accepting a carrier on Venus with the use the magic from the movement system and acceleration system.

However, both (steam) and methane are greenhouse gases above carbon dioxide, and with the carbon dioxide being reduced, the temperature of Venus will decrease more and more. So there will be more ice from the surface. It is part of the fourth factor to use magic to cut out and transport this gigantic ice cube that cuts out and injects toward Venus and throws it into the atmosphere of Venus.

Since the combination of concentrated sulfuric acid and ice works as a cryogenic, placing a large amount of ice has the promise that Venus' atmosphere will be ordered efficiently. Even if water production by the Sabatier reaction does not go well, the first stage of Venus atmosphere remodeling may be accomplished by this alone.

However, this third scheme and the fourth scheme require that magicians reside on the Jupiter and Venus satellite orbits. In order to shoot out Jupiter's gravity and continuously haul a carrier and giant ice cubes a considerable number of magicians would be needed. And the magicians sent there would not be able to return to Earth for a very long time.

Tatsuya says that he might be thinking about it too much but he believes that this project’s aim is to expel magicians who pose a threat to the people of the Earth. The social turmoil caused by the cold weather in the world had interrupted the development of the space programs. Tatsuya goes on to say once again that the magicians involved in this project would not be able to return home for a very long time and that even if one were to return it would take a while for their physical condition to return to normal as well.

◇ ◇ ◇

The next morning, in one of First High’s classrooms only two thirds of the students in this classroom have arrived yet. Miyuki has yet to appear as well. There are only a few students talking about how the Nine Schools Competition has been canceled and about Active Air Mine. Most of the students are now talking about the American space development plan, Honoka and Shizuku were no exception to this.

Honoka asks Shizuku if it’s true that Taurus Silver is a Japanese high school student. It was said in the announcement that the unidentified genius magic engineer was actually a high school student like them.

Shizuku says that it could be true, that there are certain cases like Kichijouji. He is very well known, especially at Third High for his discovery of the cardinal code at the age of thirteen. Although this is not as conspicuous as the achievement of Taurus Silver’s flying type magic. There is at least one example that a high school student is capable of such things.

Honoka goes on to tell Shizuku that she believes that Taurus Silver is Tatsuya, to which Shizuku says it is a possibility. Honoka was surprised that Shizuku returned an answer so quickly, and Shizuku replies that Tatsuya was the first person she thought of as well when the announcement was made.

Just then Miyuki enters the classroom and they immediately stop their conversation. They greet Miyuki, and while doing so Honoka is trying to hide her concern about Tatsuya possibly going to the USNA.

◇ ◇ ◇

Chapter 4

To Be Added.

Chapter 5

To Be Added.

Chapter 6

To Be Added.

Chapter 7

To Be Added.

Chapter 8

To Be Added.

Chapter 9

To Be Added.

Chapter 10

Monday morning.

While being alone in Izu, where the evening the day before Miyuki had returned home to the residence in Chofu.

Tatsuya was eating breakfast prepared by Pixie while watching a TV news program.

(He was listening to it as ambiance.)

When Tatsuya had just about finished his breakfast, an emergency news bulletin came on the television.

The announcer with dismay on their face asked viewers to listen to the message while a switch in focus occurred with the view of the screen changing to a large monitor beside the announcer. On the monitor with a blue screen, the bust shot of a suspicious person appeared.

(When glancing one wouldn't be able to tell if the person were male or female let alone knowing the age or ethnicity.)

The person was covered with a gray hooded robe, and their face was covered with a mask of fiberglass. The voice sounded like one from a monster, but is electronically generated.

(Even with a large computer, a person wouldn't be able to reproduce the voice. The tone of voice sounded like it was coming from a man.)

The person spoke stating that they are one of the Seven Sages, the person speaking stating that they are the first sage. They continued with saying that they are Japanese.

(Tatsuya knew that the person sounded like they were fluent in Japanese, but wasn't an actual Japanese person. Though at the same time Tatsuya remembered about Raymond Clark, one of the "Seven Sages" who spoke with him over a video conference during the Vampire Incident; who also was acquainted with Shizuku who studied abroad. Tatsuya started thinking about the name "Clark" before focusing back on the news.)

The person continued to speak, saying that they hope that Project Dione, which has been proposed by the USNA will be implemented promptly, further mentioning that for this reason he is hoping that Taurus Silver from Japan will participate as well.

(In Tatsuya's head he thinks of three people: Edward Clark, Raymond Clark, or the identity of the monster.)

Continuing on, the person says that they hope that Taurus Silver, Mr. Tatsuya Shiba will participate.

(Thus the identity of the monster in question, the "first sage" is Raymond Clark.)

The person finishes with saying that, Taurus Silver is Mr. Tatsuya Shiba, a student from the National Magic University Affiliated First High School. Including asking the people of Japan to convince Mr. Tatsuya Shiba.

The video message ends.

(Tatsuya finds it unexpected for Raymond Clark to be involved, and that he hasn't calculated his intervention at all.)

(There are measures taken by the Magic Association to reveal the identity of Taurus Silver.

There are measures taken by the government to put pressure on him.

The measures taken by Edward Clark are out of control.

Although such measures won't work in this situation.

Thus Tatsuya himself learns that he is being cornered.)


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