Release Date August 10, 2017
ISBN ISBN 978-4-04-893281-3
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Prologue of Disturbance Chapter (II)

Isolation is the 23rd volume in the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Light Novel series.


The Brazilian Armed Forces weren't the only one's to use Strategic-Class Magic. While the magical community is cornered, a plan is established. The surrounding environment begins to change, Tatsuya and Miyuki--.

Magic expands the war--.

With the use of Strategic-Class Magic, the Brazilian Armed Forces weren't the only one's to use it at the end of March.

At the beginning of May, Africa, the Great Asian Union uses the Strategic-Class Magic Thunderclap Tower on the Gulf of Guinea.

People are even more afraid of magic.

Fear of magic used in war.

Condemnation of those who use magic.

Condemnation of those who made magic.

In the midst of turmoil against magic and magicians, researchers from the USNA, a project is proposed with the peaceful use of magic.

"Project Dione".

A magnificent project that is meant to terraform Venus with resources from Jupiter and its satellites.

In the future where Earth can't continue to support the increase in the growth of the worlds population, the project will lead the extraterrestrial immigration of humanity with magic as the core technology.

The magical communities around the world are in a sense of crisis due to anti-magic sentiment with magic as being a military threat, approval is expressed for the project and the peaceful use of magic for the future of all of humanity.

The Japanese Magic Community was also no exception.

Edward Clark, the advocate for "Project Dione", names nine individuals as essential personnel for the promotion of the project.

Among them, Taurus Silver is named.

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