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Iron Breaker


Movement Type
Single Target
Known Users
Chiba Toshikazu
Related Spells

Iron Breaker (迅雷斬鉄) is a secret sword technique from the Hundred Families' Chiba Family. This technique doesn't view the sword to be cast from iron and steel, but identifies the "sword" itself as a concept of applied Movement Type Magic to allow the slashing motion with the aid of the Magic Sequence. The "sword" is identified as a singular concept turned into a molecular blade that can't be shattered, blunted, or broken as if it were able to cut through any resistance along the slashing axis. [1]

Chiba Toshikazu used this technique with his sword cane to break open a metallic cargo door on board a ship during his night raid at the Yokohama Wharf.


  1. Volume 6, Chapter 1

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