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Igarashi Yousuke

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Character Name
Full Name Igarashi Yousuke
Kanji 五十嵐 鷹輔
Furigana いがらし・ようすけ
Personal Info
Gender Male
Family Igarashi Tsugumi (Sister)
School First High School
Novel Volume 12, Chapter 5 (Mentioned)
Volume 14, Chapter 2 (First Appearance)

Igarashi Yousuke (五十嵐 鷹輔) is a member of the Igarashi Family, one of the Hundred Families. He attends First High School and is also the current Club Management Group Leader.


He has an older sister, Igarashi Tsugumi whom was the Biathlon Club Chief the previous year. [1]

Igarashi ranked third in the combined scores from their final exam at the end of their first year, with Miyuki coming in first place, Honoka in second place, and Akechi Eimi in fourth place respectively. [2]

He was named the new leader of the Club Management Group and was congratulated by Shiba Miyuki the newly elected Student Council President. [1]


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