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Ichijou Midori

Ichijou Midori

Character Name
Full Name Ichijou Midori
Kanji 一条 美登里
Furigana いちじょう・みどり
Personal Info
Gender Female
Affiliation Ten Master Clans (Ichijou)
Occupation Housewife
Novel Volume 5, Friendship, Trust and the Dubious Lolicon

Ichijou Midori (一条 美登里) is the wife of Ichijou Gouki, Head of the Ichijou Family, which is one of the Ten Master Clans.


She is a housewife who maintains her family's home along with the help of maids and machine automation. She also enjoys shopping, cooking, and also views Kichijouji Shinkurou as part of her family. [1]


  1. Volume 5, Friendship, Trust and the Dubious Lolicon

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