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Ichijou Gouki

Ichijou Gouki

Character Name
Full Name Ichijou Gouki
Kanji 一条 剛毅
Furigana いちじょう・ごうき
Personal Info
Age 42
Gender Male
Affiliation Ten Master Clans (Ichijou)
  • Clan Head
  • Seabed Resource Mining Company (President)
Ability Name Rupture
Novel Volume 5, Friendship, Trust and the Dubious Lolicon (Mentioned)
Volume 17, Chapter 1 (First Appearance)
Anime The Irregular at Magic High School The Movie: The Girl Who Calls the Stars

Ichijou Gouki (一条 剛毅) is the Head of the Ichijou Family, which is one of the Ten Master Clans.

Appearance and Personality

Gouki can be described as being "manly". He has short hair and an overly tanned body, which he acquired from being under intense sunlight for long periods of time. Although, he does have an appearance that suits his dignity appropriately for his age. However, his body doesn't appear to show its real age; especially since his muscles are firm, albeit not voluminous. [1]

Despite his harsh features, he leaves a strong impression behind to those he meets. [1]


He celebrated his 42nd birthday a few days before the Master Clans Conference in February of AD 2097. [2]

Gouki is friends with Maeda Chizuru, the current Principal of Third High School and the two of them are graduates from there, whereas she was a year ahead of him. [3]

He is the President of a Seabed Resource Mining Company that performs business in the Sea of Japan. [4] [2]

He has been mentioned to be punctual when arriving at home to eat dinner with his family, that is if he isn't occupied with business. [4]

In 2093 when the Great Asian Union invaded Okinawa, the New Soviet Union also took military action on Sado, where Gouki negotiated with Colonel Sakai to allow for a volunteer force to help. Gouki along with his son Ichijou Masaki volunteered for the front lines, where they fought against the invaders using their Magic, 'Rupture'. [5]


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