Ichihara Suzune


Rin-chan Light Novel

Suzune Manga

Character Name
Full Name Ichihara Suzune
Kanji 市原 鈴音
Furigana いちはら・すずね
Personal Info
Gender Female
Height 165 cm
Weight 54 kg
  • Father
  • Mother
School First High School
National Magic University
  • First High (Graduate)
    Year 3 Class ? Course 1 - 2095
  • National Magic University
    Year 1 - 2096
    Year 2 - 2097
Ability Name Name Unknown

Deceleration Magic

Voiced By Mai Nakahara (Anime)
Novel Volume 1, Chapter 3
Manga Volume 1, Chapter 4
Anime Episode 2, Enrollment Chapter II

Saegusa Mayumi

She is Mayumi's close friend, who gave her a school spirit and sense of belonging second to none. She knows how to deal with her friend's teasing nature. Mayumi calls her "Rin-chan", despite her protests. 

Watanabe Mari

Like Mayumi, Suzune views Mari as a friend.

Shiba Tatsuya

In the beginning, Suzune didn't think much about Tatsuya other than another Course 2 student in the same school. She discovers in Enrollment Arc (Volume 2, Chapter 8; although it is revealed only much later) that they share a common interest in solving one of the 3 great puzzles of weight-type magic. Therefore, in the Yokohama Disturbance Arc, she asks him to help her in giving a presentation on solving the problems in the development of a Gravity Control-Type Thermonuclear Fusion Reactor.

She is one of the people who know that Tatsuya is part of the military with as a Special Officer.

Nakajou Azusa

Not much is known about the relationship between the two. However, it can be assumed that they get along as fellow members of the Student Council.

Hattori Gyoubushoujo Hanzou

There is no extensive interaction between the two depicted in the novels. However, Suzune picked Hattori with Kirihara Takeaki during the AD 2095 Thesis Competition as bodyguards. She allowed him to accompany her when she visited Hirakawa Chiaki during the hospital stay of the latter after the confrontation between Sayaka, Kirihara, Erika, Leo, and Chiaki. These events show that she acknowledges and trusts Hattori's strength and abilities.

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