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Hliðskjálf (フリズスキャルヴ) is a backdoor entrance of the system called Echelon III, an information interception network developed by the USNA — that can gather information from all over the world. There are only seven people who can access Hliðskjálf, referred to as the Seven Sages.

While the program gives vast knowledge, the users have disadvantages: the data gathered cannot be stored internally to keep the data transmission from being discovered, and there are measures taken to prevent the data from being stored externally. In addition, the search history is stored 'publicly', allowing the other Sages to see what one of them looked for.

The creator of Hliðskjálf is Edward Clark, as the creator he can revoke access to the Seven Sages at any time.[1]

Seven Sages

Seven Sages (七賢人)

Information that can be Accessed

Hliðskjálf contains a vast amounts of data, and holds many highly confidential information that is extremely hard to obtain in any other way. 

Only a small portion of accessed information in Hliðskjálf has been revealed:



Maya wearing Hliðskjálf.

Rays of light became characters as the search conditions were being specified. The terminal of Hliðskjálf was operated by the user's brain waves and gestures in a VR (Virtual Reality) like environment made possible by the HMD (Head-mounted Display). The camera caught the movement of his fingertips, rays of light were projected in the virtual environment. The operator inputs the search criteria with characters of light, determining the settings with the assistance of their brain waves.

—Hliðskjálf 's user interface, Volume 17, Chapter 4


  • In Norse mythology, Hliðskjálf is the name of the chief god Odin's throne, which allows him to see into every realms, effectively making him omniscient.


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