Hirakawa Chiaki

Hirakawa Chiaki anime

Hirakawa Chiaki

Character Name
Full Name Hirakawa Chiaki
Kanji 平川 千秋
Furigana ひらかわ・ちあき
Personal Info
Gender Female
Height 155 cm
Affiliation Great Asian Union (Collaborator)
Family Hirakawa Koharu (Older Sister)
Occupation Student
School First High School
Voiced By Rui Tanabe (Anime)
Novel Volume 6, Chapter 3
Anime Episode 21, Yokohama Disturbance III

Shiba Tatsuya

Chiaki harbors contempt towards Tatsuya, who she deems as a selfish man.

Tatsuya himself, holds no grudge towards Chiaki, despite her actions towards him during the Yokohama Disturbance arc. The two currently share the same classroom in the new "Magic Engineering" course, but they both actively ignore each other.

During the first week of classes in the new semester, she and other students stayed away from Tatsuya because of the Yotsuba's reputation.

During the meeting of the 10MC, his friends asked Tatsuya why he did not attend. At that moment Chiaki made a sarcastic remark about Tatsuya not wanting them to know anything about the meeting since they are not part of the 10MC. She starts a discussion with Erika. She acknowledges that She does not know the system of the Hundred Families as well as the system of the 10MC. She is just a girl from an ordinary family. She may be terrified of the Yotsuba, but She does not miss an opportunity to annoy Tatsuya

Hirakawa Koharu

Chiaki believes that her sister's sudden depression was Tatsuya's fault. As a result, she believed that it was her responsibility to "avenge" her sister, despite Koharu's protests.

Tomitsuka Hagane

The two of them share the same classroom for the new "Magic Engineering" course. There hasn't been any contact between the two so far. In Volume 13, she is an engineer in the event Shield Down and Akechi Eimi suspects that Hagane feels attracted to her.

Great Asian Union

Her position in the Great Asian Union was a small one, where she could easily be disposed of and replaced if needed. Lu Ganghu was sent to dispose of her, but Zhou Gongjin prevented her death. Instead, he manipulated her memory to forget his involvement.