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Higaki Joseph


Tatsuya and Joseph Higaki Dueling
Character Name
Full Name Higaki Joseph
Other Name Joe
Kanji 桧垣 ジョセフ
Furigana ひがき・じょせふ
Personal Info
Gender Male
  • Sergeant
  • Lance Corporal (Onna Airborne)
Novel Volume 8, Chapter 2 (First Appearance)
Volume 8, Chapter 5 (Named)
Manga Volume 1, Chapter 1
Audio Drama Ryota Takeuchi (Audio Drama)

Higaki Joseph (桧垣 ジョセフ) is a Lance Corporal attached to the Onna Airborne, Sakishima Air Defense Corps, of the National Air Force in Okinawa that was involved in the events leading up to the Okinawa Defense Navel Battle

Appearance and Personality

Joseph is a Left-Blood, noted for being a big youth, over twice the size of the then 13 years old Tatsuya

When he first meets Tatsuya and Miyuki, he acts like a bully who tries to pick on Miyuki, but after Tatsuya wins his respect, he becomes very friendly. He is not one for formality and calls Tatsuya by his name without honorifics. 

Despite being a low ranked Lance Corporal, he is treated affectionately by his superior and as such shows that he has a certain amount of trust and respect from Kazama Harunobu

He is very loyal, to both the other Left-Bloods and also to the National Defense Force that took care of him and treated him with respect. He took it personally when his comrades betrayed the country.  


He first meets Tatsuya and Miyuki when Miyuki accidentally bumps into him on a walk in Okinawa in AD 2092. He looked down upon Tatsuya and looked for a fight even though his opponent was two times smaller than himself. He was then beaten by Tatsuya with one blow. [1]

He later apologizes to Tatsuya for his earlier behavior on Kazama's orders. [2]

He offers to fight Tatsuya, and is beaten again by Tatsuya's use of Gram Demolition. After this, he begins to respect Tatsuya and becomes very friendly with him. [3]

He picks up Tatsuya and his family and escorts them to the military base. [4]

Joseph intercepts his comrades when they enter into the same room Shiba Miya, Miyuki and Sakurai Honami are in, and tries to talk them out of fighting civilians and betraying their country. It is unclear if he is beaten by them or not, but he buys Tatsuya enough time to return and use Regrowth on Miyuki, Miya, and Honami. [4]

Tatsuya encountered Joesph at Okinawa, where Joe told him that he had recently been promoted to Sergeant. [5]


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