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Heavy Metal Burst
Strategic-Class Magic
Free After Execution Systematic Magic
Single Target, Area of Effect
Known Users
Angie Sirius
Angelina Kudou Shields
Related Spells
Baryon Lance

Heavy Metal Burst (ヘビィ・メタル・バースト) is a Systematic Magic that radiates plasma in all directions from the activation point. It can be fired as a convergent beam by using the magic weapon, 'Brionac'. [1]

Heavy metals are transformed into high energy plasma; the magic disseminates amplified solar ions over a wide area by creating gas, an electromagnetic repulsive force, and increased high pressure. [1]

The speed of the beam is about a hundred times the speed of sound. [1]

Tuman Bomba has the greatest destructive radius out of the Thirteen Apostles. Although in terms of power Heavy Metal Burst one-step outclasses it. [2]


Brionac is a magic weapon that utilizes the Free After Execution (FAE) Theory. [1] It's a portable weapon manufactured for Angelina Kudou Shields, with it's power being equivalent to that of a battleship; possessing a range and output that can be freely controlled. [3]


Brionac is a thick pole eighty centimeters in length. About two thirds of it is the same width as the handle of a tennis racket, and the remaining one third is a cylinder with a larger circumference; at the border between the two. [3]


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