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Heavy Metal Burst
A Class, Strategic-Class
Theoretical Magic Free After Execution
Single Target, Area of Effect
Known Users
Angie Sirius
AKA Angelina Kudou Shields
Related Spells
Baryon Lance

Heavy Metal Burst (ヘビィ・メタル・バースト) is a Strategic-Class Magic, which disperses heavy metals and turns them into plasma. A large beam of plasma can then be moved and shot at an instant.

Besides Angie Sirius, there are only a few users capable of changing materials into plasma. However, by only ionizing atoms, the complete body of the plasma that springs forth would not produce a neutralizing electric repulsive force. Angelina Sirius is the only one able of using 'Heavy Metal Burst' with that speed and scale, for only she can actually do the process that emits the atoms to form the cloud and maintain the manufacture of plasma. This is a spell that is supposed to expel high energy plasma in all directions from ground zero.

In terms of raw power, Heavy Metal Burst is ranked first among the Strategic-Class Magic of the Thirteen Apostles, although it is outstripped in terms of destructive radius by Doctor Bezobrazov's 'Tuman Bomba'.

Tactical A Rank Usage


Brionac is a special weapon developed by the USNA to allow for the tactical use of the Strategic-Class Magic, giving Lina the ability to use a focused, small-scale version of Heavy Metal Burst in normal combat situations. Brionac forms a barrier to contain the shock wave released from the transformation of plasma and prevent the plasma from causing extraneous damage to the surroundings such as a populated city. The power of Brionac "shots" have been compared by Lina with battleship cannons.
Imitating the spiritual weapon, Brionac, which was said to be a spear of light that could pierce through anything, its operation system is based on the classified Free After Execution (FAE) theory. The theory states that there is a small gap in time between the manifestation of the effects of magic and reality restoring the reign of the laws of physics. Brionac manages to control Lina's magic output by taking advantage of the time gap, which is impossible for a human to use or take advantage of naturally.


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