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Hayama Tadanori

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Character Name
Full Name Hayama Tadanori
Kanji 葉山 忠教
Furigana はやま・ただのり
Personal Info
Age 70's
Gender Male
Height 176 cm
Affiliation Ten Master Clans (Yotsuba)
Occupation Head Butler
Voiced By Hiroshi Naka (Anime)
Novel Volume 8, Chapter 15
Anime Episode 7, Enrollment Chapter VII

Hayama Tadanori (葉山 忠教) is the Head Butler of the Yotsuba Family. As head butler, he takes direct orders from Yotsuba Maya, the current Head of the Family, and serves as her loyal confidant.

Appearance & Personality

While he only appears like someone slightly around 50, he is actually over 70 years old.

Hayama is greatly loyal to the Yotsuba Family, and expresses concern and thought about anything which may threaten the Yotsuba Family. Even though Hayama serves the Yotsuba Family, he expresses high-esteem of Tatsuya's unnatural abilities, which is opposing to the views of the rest of the Yotsuba Family. As the head butler he is in charge of the rest of the servants in the Yotsuba Family, but rarely gives praise towards his subordinates.


Unlike many others like Aoki, he has a high esteem of Tatsuya and knows many secrets about the Yotsuba.

It is stated that he had served the previous head, Yotsuba Eisaku of the Yotsuba Family. [1]

His experience and age make him not only the confidant of Yotsuba Maya, but also sometimes act as her adviser.

He has minimal Magic Power, but the magic he does have he uses for domestic purposes such as for the making of food and beverages. This is one area that Maya admits she is unable to emulate.


  • Hayama's role of serving the head of the Yotsuba Family through a master-servant loyalty, oppositely mirrors the role how Nakura Saburou, an Extra serves the Head of the Saegusa Family through a business loyalty.
  • Hayama is a magician . Hayama said to Kuroba Mitsugu "You might be forgetting the fact that I'm also a magician."[2] Also Hayama said to Tatsuya: “Yes. It’s a shame, but I did it with a little help of magic.”[3]


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